To connect our clients... to their clients... with our knowledge

We live and breathe the regional sentiment. As such we understand regional media consumption habits and the things which make non-metro consumers tick. We do metro standard work with non-metro style service ethic and rate card. We negotiate directly with each medium building the relationships that get you the very attractive rates and value-add.


What’s different to other agencies?

At CMM, we have strong relationships with all media and are afforded higher discount levels due to the overall amount of media we book.

‘It’s as simple as buy in bulk & save’.  As a fully accredited agency, our relationships with media in every state, New Zealand and even
Papua New Guinea, allows us to negotiate the best placements while at the same time saving your business money.

Natalie Cooper

Founder & Director

Even though the boys strut around the office... there is no doubt who really is in control. With years of multi-media and finance experience, Nat rules, with a ruler, calculator and a keen eye for ensuring our clients get exactly -or more than what they paid for.

Grant Cooper

Founder & Director

Coops still bores the staff with old jokes from his 20+ years in radio. They put up with him because he has an uncanny knack for what consumers want to digest. Coops weaves the Creative Team into the Strategic Team, creative without strategy is simply 'art'...  while creative with strategy is called 'marketing'.

Carl Carter

Business Manager

After working in media and content creation for 11 years, mainly in senior executive roles within APN, including GM for their largest region in North and Central Queensland, Carl is now 'unshackled' & can offer ALL the services that CMM have at our disposal.

Michael Betts

Senior Creative Designer

Michael, comes with a wealth of experience from the UK, with a strong background in brand management and concept design. During his time as a designer, some of his major international clients have included Aviva, RAC, Lexus, Barclays Bank, Porsche & Bechtel.