September 6, 2017

Marketing is the discipline of harnessing ideas, expertise and
resources from people around you. Analyse what you’re good at,
admit where you suck, and be up front about it. People in general
want to help, when you admit you need help. It’s in our nature.

If you’ve got...

A fundamental principle of CMM, that differentiates us from other agencies, is that we believe in showing you, rather than telling you.

CMM evolved out of a strong sense of empathy for clients and the search for answers, with and on behalf of them, to everyday ma...

"Ask not what you can say to get a client to buy, ask what services do I have that I can give. What benefit do I have to render". Jay L. Abraham

The most pivotal, integral essence of what CMM does that distinguishes it from other agencies is that we believe in showing you, rather than telling you.

CMM is an agent of change, a creator of value, a value contributor. We fall in love with our clients each and ever...

As a business owner, you’re responsible for all aspects of business performance, but where does marketing your business rank in terms of priority?

Marketing is more than advertising and spending money on strategies that aren’t effective, provide no value. By giving your...

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