Cooper McKenzie Marketing & BOQ Gladstone
Andrew Bauer from BOQ Gladstone

Andrew & Rachel Bauer's Bank of Queensland Gladstone is a Cooper McKenzie Marketing and BOQ success story. 

Andrew came to us back in the early days and was quite honest.

"I know banking - I'm far less confident with my marketing."

It was that simple.

For 10 years we have truly partnered with Andrew & Rachel to take BoQ Gladstone from a good little regional branch - to over 10 years of outstanding success, to be recognised by BoQ corporate management as a flagship of the brand and a test case for other BoQ owner/operators to aspire to.

Is it possible to love a Bank like Andrew & Rachel's BoQ - You bet it is!

Trust Cooper McKenzie Marketing with your Branding and Corporate Identity

Cooper McKenzie Marketing advert design for BOQ Gladstone