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Dominque Gleixner
Social and Digital Media Strategist

Schooled by:

University of Tasmania for my Postgraduate Certificate in Marketing and completing the Australian Marketing Institute's Emerging Marketers Program.


Clout from:

Is saying I was the winner of the United Kingdom's BMW Genius competition and then I represented the UK in Germany for the World "Genius" title? Sadly, I wasn't named "World BMW Genius". What about being named "Queensland Young Tourism Leader", which provides influential role models to inspire the next generation? Maybe we could say it's from my continual learning and development; I'm 32 and proud to be starting my Postgraduate Certificate in Marketing this year - Marketing is constantly changing. I remember the days when I used Microsoft publisher to design a brochure!


Job in simple terms:

I play around on social media and google all day...


Best described by the tagline:

Do what makes you happy 


From the era of:

Flip phones, dial-up internet and Supre was the height of fashion.


Would self-title a biopic:

Marley & Me


Regrets buying:

Most items of clothing I buy online



I think being a working mum is super in itself? Well, I keep reminding myself it is.


In a global game of hide-and-seek, would hideaway:

You will find me in Italy along the Amalfi coast, eating all the pasta, drinking all the wine and taking in the view!


Unwind after 5 with:

Unwind? I don't think I even remember what that is? Please remind me... 5 pm is when the "witching hour" begins in my household!


Pipe dream:

Keep exploring every part of the world, even when I'm old.