Little Creek Signage by Cooper McKenzie Marketing
Little Creek - Best Jingle by CMM and Abes Audio

Villaworld approached Cooper McKenzie Marketing in the middle of the Gladstone real estate 'boom'. At this stage, a trained monkey could have sold land to inter and intra state investors who wanted 'in' on the cash cow that was Gladstone.

Being a local company, CMM looked at the whole market with a LOT of inside knowledge and with a little help from hindsight, developed a strategy to market more at local owner occupiers than the volatile investor market. After all, when the construction goes - so do the renters, leaving some estates almost ghost neighbourhoods. (proven 2016). 

CMM developed a creative and strategy campaign to tap into the hearts and minds of those already in Gladstone, looking to upgrade to beautiful views on large blocks close to parklands or those who were ready to buy their very first home with attractive $0 deposit deals. 

The campaigns earned high praise from the client, instant results, even a statewide Multi Media Award for the Best Overall Jingle (open category). 

Time to slow it down....

Little Creek - Slow it down campaign produced by CMM

TV and Radio Production by Cooper McKenzie Marketing