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Bus Shelter Advertising with Cooper McKenzie Marketing

The closest advertising you can get to the road...
without being run over!!


Make you mark with CMM's Sheltermark.


CMM manage the advertising sales and production of bus shelter advertising in the region. There are more than 40 locations across Gladstone where advertisers can utilise large format and innovative designs to put their message in front of commuters.


Sheltermark is an affordable, out of home advertising option with a number of creative/production executions to suit your budget. Link though to our map of locations and choose the location that best suits your business, before your competitors do!

  • Affordable

  • Large, colourful, innovative designs

  • Geographic targeting

  • Space exclusivity

  • Can’t be ignored

  • Reinforces other marketing

For advertising enquiries,
please phone 1300 305 295 

or email