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Harnessing expertise is the key to success

Marketing is the discipline of harnessing ideas, expertise and resources from people around you. Analyse what you’re good at, admit where you suck, and be up front about it. People in general want to help, when you admit you need help. It’s in our nature.

If you’ve got a great idea to market your business, don’t dismiss it because you don’t have the skills. Surround yourself with passionate professionals who want to showcase their skills, sow the seed of your idea, and never ever discourage even the wackiest ideas.

In a recent campaign for Bank of Queensland in CQ – during discussions with the client, we hit upon a concept to prove value to customers about being human. You don’t just have to be an account number to a stranger at call centre. You can talk face to face to a local, about local finance. That’s the BOQ owner/manager model difference.

What better way to prove this than by being able to pronounce local street, icon, landmark names and building creative around this. Quickest way to tell if someone is not from around here is to hear them try and pronounce our unique local names.

So, we had a good concept now what?

We brought in our trusted media partners from TV, radio and press and asked their advice – what could their media do, how could we talk to their audiences at the right time, with the right message.

Our customers are experts in their field, a marketing agency is an expert at coordinating and devising campaigns, and the media are the experts at knowing their audiences.

The result was a coordinated, memorable and wide-reaching, quality campaign worth of broadcast anywhere in Australia.

The conclusion here is, don’t feel like you need to carry the burden on your own. Too often great ideas don’t get off the ground because clients are too busy to tackle them on their own. Build relationships with experts. A marketing agency can test your idea, verify its potential and present it as a creative execution. Your media reps are a wealth of knowledge about local audiences. Even if you don’t want to advertise right now – get to know them intimately.

Media sales people, marketing professionals, writers, designers, video producers are mostly passionate about their product and long for ways to show off their talent. Ideas don’t cost anything, and nor does bouncing ideas off people you trust. But good ideas, well executed and supported by talented people can change the world.

Believe in your ideas – as crazy as they may seem to you now, have a chat to us. If you don’t, you’ll never know, and worse, someone else could beat you to the prize. It costs nothing to make that call.

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