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Show me, don't tell me

Cooper McKenzie Marketing can direct you in the correct path

A fundamental principle of CMM, that differentiates us from other agencies, is that we believe in showing you, rather than telling you. CMM evolved out of a strong sense of empathy for clients and the search for answers, with and on behalf of them, to everyday marketing quests. ​CMM’s marketing approach is as much about a philosophy to life as it is about marketing and business. It is about selling leadership and strategy, as opposed to just being insipid and letting people do whatever they want. ​Most business owners don't definitively know what they want because they are struggling. Everyone is a marketing guru because marketing is such a broad discipline. Therefore, any answer seems like it has merit. Consequently, business owners bounce from one act to another, depending on who's offering their opinion. This is the opposite of focus. ​Then it turns out that most business owners don't know what focus is until they've had it made for them. ​​It's no good to give you a data dump of information if you don't know what to do with it. Our role is to connect ALL the dots, give you a plan, help take the next step, make that step logical, appropriate, obvious and easy. The role of CMM is to put into words what business owners want from marketing, but could not articulate, and build on that for them. CMM is an agent of change, a creator of value, a valued contributor. We fall in love with our clients each and every day. We don’t ask what we have to do to get you to buy, we ask what do we have to give, what benefit can we render that will enhance your business. If the strategy is right, you can mess it up and it will still work. If the strategy is wrong, the most eloquent and well-conceived program won’t work. CMM is more strategy and concept-oriented than technique oriented. That’s what has made us, and our clients successful. We believe you are searching for ways to make the next investment decision, or next business decision. We'll solve that problem for you, today!

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