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Andersons Auto City

Did you know that 95% of car sales today are made at the dealership, BUT 'online' is the first place consumers will go to begin their buying journey?

It's clear to most experienced marketers that online advertising is key to attracting new leads for a dealership.  Yet, this automotive marketing strategy comes with many challenges.

One of the biggest challenges CMM faces is gaining the trust of its lead. After all, it's our job to help bring leads in the door...then it's over to the sales team to make the deal. But in such a competitive industry, one where the consumer is making a rather large financial decision that will affect their everyday life, our account managers do not have it made in the shade.

Controlling the narrative!

So how do we deal with these challenges?  By being smarter about the strategy and controlling the narrative!  

Here are just a few tried-and-true ways we've achieved sustained success.

  • Be at the top of the Google SERP

  • Build trust with customer reviews

  • Bid on competitor keywords

  • Actively manage negative keyword list

  • Be flexible and adjust campaign budgets based on car-buying trends

  • Target the right audience for the brand/product

  • Compel customers to want to come into the dealership with unique offers

  • Remarket

This strategy is similar for many industries - and not just pertinent to the Automotive Industry. 

If you want to 'drive' more sales through online marketing, give us a call.

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