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Nat Cooper
Company Director

Schooled by:

Assoc. CPM; Australian Marketing Institute.

Audrey Hepburn (she was stunning and memorable doing anything - ordinary or otherwise).


Clout from:

20+ years of experience beginning in banking finance, moving into radio, then starting CMM…and a shiny trophy from grade 6 spelling bee.


Job in simple terms:

I feel like a circus acrobat and plate spinner most of the time. But hey, whatever it takes to get sh&t done, right? My specialty is in planning, managing and executing project campaigns. And just as important, I make sure this beast that is CMM ticks along so we can continue to do great work for our clients and pay our fantastic team.


Best described by the tagline:

'And remember, if I'm harsh, it's only because you're doing it wrong', Monica (from Friends)


From the era of:

When dance moves were born in the garage.


Would self-title a biopic:

She wears her heart on her sleeve.


Regrets buying:

High waisted bikini bottoms - apparently 'age appropriate' isn't all that flattering - so my husband says.



A calming presence (I try not to sweat the small stuff).

In a global game of hide-and-seek, would hideaway:

Zermatt, Switzerland


Unwind after 5 with:

A snuggle with Chili


Pipe dream:

To retire healthy and wealthy. Only 20 years to go - counting down the days! Woohoo!

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