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Promotional Merchandise

When you think about McDonald's, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Perhaps, the iconic golden arches or Ronald McDonald himself?  It's taken years of investment, but this is the impact that great branding has on consumers. 


Not only does consistent branding provide consumers with a connection to your business name, product or service - but having your brand associated with the latest tech product or everyday office stationery will provide a lasting impression.

CMM is your brand custodian! 


We've worked for Qantas, Rio Tinto, Santos GLNG, Queensland Alumina Limited, Boyne Smelters Limited,

Adelsta Group, ConocoPhillips, RT Health Fund and The Capricornian, to name a few. All of these big brands understand not only the importance of brand integrity but the benefits of driving employee and customer loyalty through branded company merchandise.

So, come on...stop wishing your business was the one with all the awesome stuff! 


CMM literally has access to the largest range of nifty merchandise available.  There is nothing we can't create for you!

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