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Lina Martinez
Social and Digital Media Strategist

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Schooled by:

Bachelor Degree in Journalism and Communications (Politecnico Grancolombiano - 2015) & self-made Social Media Manager 


Clout from:

Been playing with words for around 7 years now (maybe more? ). If I get obsessed with a topic I'll become an expert on it and I'll research every single thing about it... yeah, kind of a Google freak. And yes, you will also find me in all Social Media Platforms, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok, you name it! 


Job in simple terms:

Making social media content 24/7 #ZuckerbergTeam


Best described by the tagline:

Family first 


From the era of:

Had to choose between making a phone call or using the Internet


Would self-title a biopic:

Life is now


Regrets buying:

Keep drinking Coke and saying it's the last one... 



Doing 50+ things daily without using a calendar or agenda :)


In a global game of hide-and-seek, would hideaway:

Find me wherever there is a beach. I actually won't be hiding much


Unwind after 5 with:

Netflix and chill (but it's more like after 10 pm)


Pipe dream:

Travel the world ON A BOAT

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