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Grant Cooper
Company Director

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Schooled by:

Port Lincoln High School - REPRESENT!

Assoc. CPM; Australian Marketing Institute

John Bertram’s book ‘Born to Win’. It’s the sum of the little things that make the big difference….


Clout from:

Witnessing the struggles of our family SME, and being drafted into the midnight to dawn shift in local

radio at the tender age of 18. Worked my way through all facets of the media over many years

understanding the power of getting businesses noticed.

Job in simple terms:

Always had a fairly unique ability to be strategic and creative. It’s a blend that allows me to understand, find and target our customers customers and then, importantly, make them pay attention to what we’re saying. Do your homework - understand your audience - craft your message - then deliver it, with belief and conviction.

Best described by the tagline:

If it’s not broken yet - you haven’t tried hard enough. There always is a better way.


From the era of:

Riding a bike to school in the rain.

Would self-title a biopic:

“Why should we waste time on Kabuki….” Madmen (look it up)


Regrets buying:

An authentic Lightsaber online (without reading the reviews)



Usually high hit rate on someone’s personality from a first impression.


In a global game of hide-and-seek, would hideaway:

In a cupboard in Rockhampton. Oh, wait - that's the first place people look when in a global game of hide-and-seek, when in Rockhampton….


Unwind after 5 with:

… there’s plenty of time to unwind when you’re dead.

Pipe dream:

Wasn’t me man… haven’t done that since grade 11 - and then I didn’t inhale!

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