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Strategy and Media Buying

Leave the tea leaves and crystal balls to your local palm reader. Here at CMM, our deep-diving marketing strategists prefer more trusted tactics in divining a path forward. Analytic research, market surveys, brand archetyping - you know…the kind of 'hoodoo voodoo' rooted in marketing science.

We prefer doing business the honest way, which is why we always buy and sell media in-house. Our clients benefit from CMM's entire buying power, meaning you'll receive CMM's ad discounts based on our annual media buy, not just the amount you as a singular client would spend. We have no allegiance with any particular media, so we can offer our clients the benefits of accurate, channel-agnostic consulting by avoiding any conflict of interest. From strategic recommendations, on an optimal media mix, we'll help keep CPT (cost per thousand) low and ROI (return on investment) high with zero markups on any advertising we buy for you.

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