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Why Choose CMM
Is total outsourcing or total in-house stupider? Yes!


Remember that pact you made with your partner about cooking at home more? Scaling back on those pricey restaurant meals and take-away orders in favour of getting 'back to basics. Prepping potatoes and including kale.


'We'll save money!'

'We'll be so much healthier!'

'We'll make it just the way we like it!'


Then, after some time went by, routine set in. Old habits resurfaced, and Monday's stir-fry began to taste an awful lot like Sunday's kale casserole. Until one day, your guilt-plagued gut started longing for the pasta marinara at that fancy place by the water.


Now, what do you do? Stick with the pan to keep the cooking in-house? Or break down and start outsourcing again?


Let the battle begin!

How stupid is in-housing?

Greater control. Potentially lower cost. Faster (when you're not at the mercy of an external partner). In-housing sure sounds smart. But, in-housing success hinges on one critical assumption: that you'll be able to recruit and retain some pretty talented people.


Here's the cold dose of reality. Most talented creative professionals (the talented ones, anyway) simply don't work in a 'singular' environment, toiling away on one brand, day-in and day-out. No! Creatives thrive on the whiplash-inducing variety and cultural energy of a full-service advertising and marketing agency where they can feed their brains a steady diet of new, new, new and more new.


So, if you're hoping to lure game-changing creative talent away from a fast-paced agency environment, you'll probably be paying top dollar for a revolving door. And the work you end up getting out of those who do stay isn't going to set the world on fire. In other words, cooking everything 'in-house' may leave you (and your clients/customers) unimpressed and craving something more satisfying…like that pasta marinara.


How stupid is outsourcing?

No internal staff to manage. Greater variety of thinking. Significantly better work output—fewer headaches along the way. Handing over the bulk of your marketing duties to an external partner sure can make life a hell of a lot easier, especially if you find the right partner.


But, you don't have to have a finance degree to recognise that a 100% outsourced life is not an economically sustainable one. As the invoices keep rolling in, a ballpark of your budget's burn rate will leave you scrambling for ways to cut back. And fast.


Use your head! There are plenty of day-to-day marketing functions that you can just-as-capably handle in-house, with internal staff in many cases, and without paying the expense of having ALL your marketing outsourced.

Wait…is this a lose-lose proposition?

Let's be honest, some things in life aren't zero-sum propositions. It doesn't have to be 'whole hog' or 'no hog'. The simple reality is this: The truth recognises that having to choose isn't a choice.


Any 'one or the other' over-commitment to In-housing or Outsourcing will, like your kale casserole, ultimately yield less than satisfying results.


A healthier way to think about your option is this: you don't have to choose between A and B. In fact, if you augment 'A' with just the right amount of challenging external input from 'B' - you can overcome the organisational malnutrition of closed-door systems.


Try Right-Sourcing for the WIN!


Who says you can't have it all? Why not enjoy the freedom and flexibility that a mix of both in-housing and outsourcing has to offer? In other words, why not start right-sourcing?


You can strike that perfect balance between cost-efficient operational practicality and innovative thinking by right-sourcing, keeping operational activities in-house while outsourcing things like marketing strategy and creative imagination.


All you need is a unicorn: a flexible, multi-capable partner able to deliver specialised expertise on-demand, as you need it. In other words, you need CMM.


CMM was built for Right-Sourcing. We offer an expanded menu of traditional agency services, including a growing set of best-of-breed specialties, all on-site, unbundled and on-demand.


From advertising strategies to web development and social media marketing, audio/visual production, graphic design and more - our team can swiftly implement your business's most specific needs right when you need them most.  


Playing well with others.


Not to oversimplify things, but CMM has made plugging our specialists into your workflow management platform pretty darn easy. Our meticulous attention to detail and proactive communication tools help ensure flawless execution. In addition, our workflow systems and tools provide real-time progress reporting - so you can see at any time where we're up to on your important project.

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