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Carl Carter
Business Manager

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Schooled by:

Bachelor of Business (bean-counting) and school of hard knocks... mainly to the head!


Clout from:

25+ years experience, beginning in finance and then into general management for newspaper organisations (when we had daily newspapers... yeah, remember those!) Then across to CMM.


Job in simple terms:

Business development... so I hang out at coffee shops, pubs and golf courses' networking'.

But, I jest, my specialty is talking to clients about their business, customers, and objectives and then developing marketing strategies to get those customers through the door.


Best described by the tagline:

I have a few… Life's not all beer and skittles… and I'm a big Seinfeld fan, so I'm always spotting raccoons (code for always looking for new clients I can help)


From the era of:

MC Hammer not touching it and DJ Jazzy Jeff & the Fresh Prince shaking the room.


Would self-title a biopic:

Some days it feels like a toss-up between The Muppets and Jason Bourne.


Regrets buying:

I thought I was Australia's Greatest Fast Bowler with new cricket whites and spikes in my mid-40s.



Having fun while #alwaysworking


In a global game of hide-and-seek, would hideaway:

Greek Islands


Unwind after 5 with:

Easy… beer, wine & cheese on the back deck with my special lady


Pipe dream:

Picking the Powerball numbers (just once) and playing golf off scratch

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