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The BIGGER picture: the unique power of Cinema Advertising

Do you want to maximize the ROI of your advertising campaign? If so, you should take advantage of on-screen cinema advertisements.

  • Use cinema media to target a tremendous number of people every month, with new movies coming out continuously.

  • People tend to have a higher recall rate with advertisements they see at the movie theatre when compared to other advertisements they might hear or see elsewhere.

  • You have more resources available to you with on-screen advertisements, allowing you to create innovative ads for the movie screen. 

  • You're reaching a captive audience.

  • Take advantage of immersive sight, sound and motion.

  • We can push the boundaries with creativity as we're not restricted by TV advertising laws.

CMM will look after your cinema advertising, from producing the ad to booking the advertising spots.  We enjoy a close relationship with all the local cinemas, so you can rest assured knowing you're getting the best possible advertising rates available.

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