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Bus Shelter Advertising

Why bus shelter advertising WORKS!

When potential customers are in transit, their field of vision is constantly being challenged. People are drawn to seek occasional relief from the frantic pace of their journey by looking at comparatively still objects along the way; a house they admire, a cute couple enjoying a moment, a family walking their dog or…

A well-crafted bus shelter advertisement!

This is what makes bus shelter advertising so effective. Especially at peak times when the intense movement of other people and traffic is contrasted against objects that are still. If your ad is a compelling and well-formed notice of your offering, over time, it will become a regular feature in the awareness of everyone who regularly sees it.

CMM manages all bus shelter assets in Gladstone for advertising.  If you're interested in making a mark and further exposing your brand to the thousands of motorists, call CMM today for availability and advertising rates.

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