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Gladstone Flooring Xtra

From brand storytelling to new commercial opportunities, social platforms offer brands an unmissable opportunity to reach and engage consumers today (social media users passed the 3.6 billion mark in 2021, as reported by Statista).

Strategy is not always easy to get right, especially when it comes to the tricky issue of attribution.  With that said, there are a few brands that seem to have it mastered.

Radio and Social/Digital Media: The Perfect Pairing

While CMM has managed Flooring Xtra's other marketing elements, including radio, since 2016, in 2021, we took over its social and digital media platforms also.  This made perfect sense from a cost efficiencies POV, and creatively, pairing social media and radio is an effective way of extending the reach and engaging with a wider audience (or the same audience, more often).  


By complementing Flooring Xtra's radio ads with a social media campaign targeting a similarly focused segment of this audience, we are able to engage with customers one-on-one and drive them closer to taking action.

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