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Contrary to some current beliefs, television advertising still has many advantages for brands.  Watching TV continues to be a popular pastime, especially now. Many people turn to TV as an escape from daily stressors due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Engaged fans tune in to live events like reality shows and sporting events to see their favourite celebrities fight it out and sports teams compete.


Television ads, when done well, can be persuasive and evoke emotional connections. Whether you watch TV through an antenna, satellite dish, cable provider or streamed via internet-connected devices, we think television is still a viable choice when considering your media mix. 

In fact, we’ve identified 7 advantages of television advertising to help you rationalise the investment as a part of your media budget.

  • TV reaches large audiences

  • Viewers spend more time on TV than on any other mainstream media

  • TV attracts loyal viewers

  • TV and online complement each other and work together

  • Ad formats adapt to improve the viewing experience

  • Fishing where the fish are is getting easier! Target specific audiences through particular programming

  • TV advertising is affordable


CMM is an accredited media agency with all major television networks Australia-wide.  Our clients receive agency discounts and access to the latest, tailored media packages available.  All media buying strategies and ad creation are completed in-house by our qualified account managers

and production team.

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